Are we Required to have a device for our child to get online for their school work?

Trinity will be providing one Chromebook per family for grades 1st thru 8th. Unfortunately we do not have enough Chromebooks to give one for every student. That means families with more than one student will have to share their Trinity Chromebook. By using a Trinity device, we will be able to support your children easier for conducting classes online.

I don't want my child to be online without my parental supervision. How will this work?

Teachers will be posting material online in Google Classroom for your children to view with them. It is not a "Live Classroom". This way your child can do the coursework while you are home and available to supervise if necessary.

My Internet connection is not very good. Is this going to be a problem for my child?

There won't be a huge amount of time that your child needs to be online. If your internet connection is not functional, you might need to make arrangements with your child's teacher for alternative options.

Can I buy my own Chromebook for my child?

Absolutely. You will still be required to enroll the Chromebook into the Trinitykiel.com domain (we can help you with that), so the device can be administered by the school.

If I buy a Chromebook for my child, what should I get?

There are many types of Chromebooks out there so you might want to talk to Eric Vandermause before going out and buying anything. That being said, Trinity only buys Acer Chromebooks. They are durable and have a great line of products for your child to use. The key things to think about to future proof your investment is to make sure it is flip and touch capable. Chromebooks do expire over time and you can get that information on Google's Auto Update Policy page: https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/6220366?hl=en. Presently we are recommending the Acer Chromebook Spin 311 or 511 models. These devices should last you until 2026 and are touch enabled.

Where is a good place to buy a Chromebook?

  1. Northstar PC and Network Solutions - Eric Vandermause (can buy with SCRIP)

  2. Best Buy (can buy with SCRIP)

  3. Walmart (can buy with SCRIP)

  4. Amazon (can buy with SCRIP)

  5. CDW